What Brought John Smid Out?

What Brought John Smid Out?


A friend of mine, Larry Jamison,  asked me to write some answers down pertaining to my departure from ExGay ministry. He was using my response for the launch of his new website “GotWords” and to help promote a new book he just finished titled “Discoveries in the Closet”.

I’ve decided to place these writings on our website. You’ll see the links to the three part series below.

Written by John Smid, Co-Written by LA Jamison

Edited by LA Jamison

This is a three part series featuring the answers of John Smid from the famed Love in Action ex-gay ministry to three questions; What brought you into Ex-Ministry? What brought you to the conviction of leaving your positions behind within Ex-Gay Ministry? Finally, what advice would give to those who are involved in Ex-Gay ministry and are struggling with being involved?

John, no doubt, has some insight on what becomes similar to feeling for ex-gays of the walls closing in when one’s begins to struggle with the concepts of “choice” and “change” around sexuality.

Thank you John for being so forthcoming and choosing Got Words? to help get the word out!

Part One (Link)

Question 1: What brought you into Ex-Gay Ministry in the first place?

Part Two (Link)

Question 2. What convicted you to leave your positions with Ex-Gay Ministry?

Part Three (Link)

Question 3. What advice would you give to ex-gay leaders or those involved in ex-gay ministry who may be struggling with their beliefs as you were?

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