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Texas GOP and Reparative Therapy

Monday, June 9th, 2014

TexasHaving spent 22 years of my life working with counselors, leaders, and clients who have been subjected to “Reparative Therapy”, as well as having utilized forms of it in counseling individuals and being subjected to this myself, I think this is inexcusable for a government platform to include this in their agenda.

Reparative Therapy is a specific model of treatment that is based on theories that it is the family system. parental relationships and childhood damage that causes one to become homosexual. This model teaches that with repentance, healing damaged childhood abuse and realigning one’s social experiences to their birth gender norms, there will be a change in the sexual orientation. There has not been any evidence that this model of therapy has changed anyones sexual orientation. The therapy causes damage to the client as well as never ending guilt for parents and family members as they live underneath the idea that they have caused their child to “suffer” from homosexuality.

There is NO treatment available that provides healing or wholeness from homosexuality. This is deceptive and gives false hope for people who are at their lowest point of hopelessness and despair. Every ExGay leader I’ve known clearly knows they have never seen a person’s orientation change from gay to straight. It is akin to a doctor saying he can cure illness for which there has never been a proven cure and taking in susceptible and naive people to their care while knowing they will never cure their illness.

There are now state laws enacted that have made Reparative Therapy illegal to practice on minors due to the evidence there is harm done by utilizing this inappropriate therapeutic model.

There is, however, hope for gay people to come to accept themselves as they are and to shed the shame of believing that because they are gay, they are broken goods and damaged people. it is only within these realities that gay people find wholeness and healthy relationships. Any message that says they need healing and that they are not whole people is deceptive and harmful. This only exacerbates their sense of being created damaged and broken and the outcome can often be negative choices based on an unhealthy sense of being.

Understand that my statement is not addressing how one choses to live within their sexuality. This is an entirely different matter regarding ones sexual and relational choices. Each individual must have the freedom to make those choices for themselves based on a healthy acceptance of their innate sexual orientation and not be subjected to false theories of change.

Their statement also refers to “healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle.” This statement is extremely offensive to people who are gay. What is the homosexual lifestyle? Ironically, no one can effectively define what that means. There are gay people who experience many diverse lifestyles, careers, hobbies, ministries. Gay people are married, single and have families. Vegans, meat eaters, and many of us enjoy ice cream as often as we can have it!

To say there there is healing and wholeness offered for gay people who are lawyers, doctors, dentists, grocery store clerks, is ridiculous! There are no common lifestyles among gay people any more than there are common lifestyles among heterosexual people.

For a GOP platform to make a statement like they have made here is offensive, minimizing of the lives of all gay people as well as those who love them.