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New Years Resolutions?

Friday, January 1st, 2010

John and Vileen Funny

New Year’s resolutions are not something I have ever really gotten into. However, when my wife and I celebrated our 21st anniversary this last December we made some decisions about how we wanted to spend this next year.

We love people and cherish our friends. We have been privileged to know many awesome people and really love to spend time with them. But, as many would say about our convictions about money, just look at my check register and you will see where my priorities are. It is the same about our relational calendar. We go year after year “wishing” we would have spent the time more with our friends. There are friends we have known for a very long time that we have not chosen to spend time with unless it is a common event or passing by in a store. We feel regretful and know we have missed out because we have ignored initiating more time with them.

So, this year, we are going to take the initiative to act upon our heart’s desire. We are going to choose to invite people into our lives. We will also invite ourselves into their lives! If it is just a stopping by, or a simple pizza night at our house, it is our hope that next New Year’s Eve we can say we were richer because of the time we spent with people that we love.

Then, there are those who we don’t know so well that God has laid upon our hearts. Those folks that we have said, over and over, we need to get with them. Some of these people are struggling with life and we have wanted to encourage them. Others may not be someone who is naturally who we would choose to spend time with but God is nudging us in that direction. We need to make them a priority as well.

So, friends and soon to be friends, look for John and Vileen to interrupt your lives with our smiling faces! For those of you who may not expect it, look for us to “invade” your lives.

Or, if you’d like, give us a call! It is our intention to not spend as much time letting the weeks go by sitting around home in our lazy routine. I do plan on watching American Idol and Biggest Loser but it may be recorded for later.

How about you? Is there someone God is laying on your heart to spend time with? Let’s compare notes in a year.