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Frank Worthen Turns 80

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009


Frank Worthen will be 80 years old this coming February.


I have known Frank for over 22 years and live every day in the fruit of his labor in my personal life.  I have experienced the amazing testimony of Frank’s walk with the Lord from  personally and have seen the integrity and powerful hand of God in everything he has done.


Frank is an amazing unsung hero of the Christian Faith.  Due to the length of his ministry vocation and the 100’s of thousands of lives that have been touched by Frank’s quiet yet strong convictions that God can set people free from a life of homosexuality.  I would place him right alongside Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Theresa, and many other Christian heros.


There will be a day when Frank Worthen’s life will be memorialized as one of the greatest men of our time for these very reasons!


In 1973 Frank didn’t know how the Lord would use him but the foundation was laid through his life for a specialized ministry to help men and women walk away from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.  This developed into a distinct movement of God called the “ex-gay” movement.


Frank’s vision was to develop a world-wide ministry based upon solid biblical truth.  He believes in the strength of a person’s testimony to help people gain the hope they need to follow Christ.


This vision continues today through Frank’s involvement in founding Love In Action International, Exodus International, Bagong Pagasa and New Hope Ministry.


One of the most memorable statements I heard from Frank regarding Roman’s Chapter 1 is:  “God’s wrath is letting us have our own way!”  Another saying I remember from Frank is:  “The height of victory equals the depth of submission.”   Frank is deeply convicted about our calling from the Lord to be obedient to Him!


Virtually every established ministry around the world offering help to those seeking freedom from homosexuality today has been influenced by Frank’s 35 years of devotion to helping people.


One of Frank’s greatest desires is for the people he knows and loves to live in unity of relationship and purpose. This was his initial reason for the first meeting of ministry leaders back in 1974, which eventually became Exodus International.


New Hope Ministries and Church of the Open Door will mark this special event on February 21, 2009.


The celebration will take place at the San Rafael Community Center in San Rafael, CA. Admission is strictly “reservations only” event.  To reserve your place call Church of the Open Door or email “”.  RSVP no later than February 13, 2009 (please) The cost is $10.00 per person in advance or at the door.


There will be a buffet supper, special slide show of Franks life, a cake and a special gift given to Frank.  If you would like to contribute towards the gift please include this in your check for the event.  Checks can be made payable to Church of the Open Door mailed to PO Box 6217, San Rafael, CA 94903-0217.  For questions call Church of the Open Door at 415-459-1980, ask for Barbara or leave a voice mail.


This would be a great time to send him our blessings to help him celebrate 80 years of life! Send your blessings to New Hope Ministry.


Frank Worthen’s Life Story