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Find My Family

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


This side of heaven, we’ll never find these children.

I have been watching two television programs lately, “Find My Family”, and “The Locator”, that bring deep passion and tears every time I watch them. Through gripping stories of choices, pain, separation, and loss my heart wrenches with sadness and ends with unspeakable joy.

They are reality shows where lost family members  are reunited with their biological parents or siblings. The deep groaning of the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters stemming from the separation over years of anxiety from concern are often kept deeply buried within their hearts. Some keep the secret of a previous birth their entire life.

With Abortion, this side of Jesus there will not be a reunion of the lost child with their biological family. There will be no joy of stroking the face of her “little boy” by his grieving mother after he is found at 30 years old. No laughter and tireless hugs of siblings who finally find their lost sister.

Abortion brings about permanent loss, here on earth, of an innocent child. It brings unbearable grief from a mother who struggled with her heart. She may have struggled so deeply that she entered into a contract with a medical facility, designed to saves lives, to suck the life out of this little one. She will likely bury the groaning of her heart so deeply that it becomes a cancer of her soul.

She may never tell another soul here on earth what she has done; keeping her pain to herself she may not ever find healing from the wounds underneath this choice. She may never find the arms of a forgiving Father around her which can heal the deeply seated shame she has felt for so many years.

God’s grace is big enough to forgive a mother who chooses abortion. God’s grace proves to cover the shame so deep it keeps us bound to it as though it were like the wrappings of a preserved mummy.

It is His grace that will heal the wounds of abortion for us all. It is the cross of Christ that carried our pain before we ever entered into it. It is the gift of His life that gave us life after our sin filled choices.

The child? He is in His hands. She is being held in His arms of love. The mother? Jesus offers her his forgiving love. She will find healing through His truth.

Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.