Nanny Express!

Nanny Express!


Hallmark Movie; The Nanny Express




“The Nanny Express,” a new romantic family drama, on the Hallmark Channel. It stars, clockwise from left, Vanessa Marcil, Brennan Elliott, Natalie Dreyfuss and Uriah Shelton.



Vanessa Marcil plays Kate Hewitt, who takes over as nanny to a couple of precocious kids who have driven away all of their other nannies. Kate, however, is up to the challenge. Not only does she win over the children, but she also strikes up a romance with their widowed father (played by Brennan Elliott).

This movie has a theme in it that very significantly portrays the very spirit of Grace Rivers Ministry. The 16 year old daughter, Emily, is struggling because her mother died, which brought this family to the need for a nanny. In her grief, she set ablaze any attempt to “replace” her mother by hiring a strange woman to take care of her and her brother.

The difference came when Kate was hired. What Kate didn’t talk about upfront was the fact that she too had lost her own mother to cancer when she was a teenager. Without sharing this information, she just unconditionally and patiently gave herself to the rudely rejecting Emily. She understood her plight and the pain in her young heart.

At her sixteenth birthday, Kate gave Emily a gift. It was a book wrapped in colorful paper. In her rejection of any love, she threw it on the bed, said “wow, I really need another book” and ran off to her larger than life celebration. After her party she went to her room and in a very poignant moment, she opened the gift grudgingly.

Kate had given her more than just a book. She gave her more than she could have every purchased with physical dollars. She gave her a journal from when her own mother died. Immediately Emily’s walls of resentment and rejection of Kate’s love tumbled down.

This was the changing moment in the plot of the entire movie. Not only did the daughter begin to accept the relationship of her nanny, her father ended up marrying her and in the end she found a new authentic woman to share in her life.

Grace Rivers is all about “relating to those in prison as though you are fellow prisoners with them” (Hebrews 13). Kate walked back into her own emotional prison once again to give her experience to Emily that needed so desperately to know she wasn’t alone.

Great move! Great message!

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2 Responses to “Nanny Express!”

  1. Diane Wanderscheid says:

    I would like to purchase this movie Nanny Express. I love Brennan Elliott. Please let me know how to purchase? Thanks (Email) Diane Wanderscheid

  2. John says:

    This movie is a Hallmark movie produced in 2008. According to the Hallmark website it doesn’t appear to be available on DVD as yet.

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