More Adjustments With Our Income

More Adjustments With Our Income

Well, God has brought us another challenge to walk through.  Yesterday, Vileen informed me that her employer shortened her hours.  She will now be working only 2 1/2 days per week.  This is what I wrote her:


God is working His will and purposes through all of this. He is moving us in directions of discomfort because He knows that we are sold out to Him and will trust Him with whatever direction He moves us.


Each day is a day of faith and trust. Will we trust Him? I know your heart Vileen, and I know my own, yes we will walk forward no matter what.  We have walked with Him through so many things together, this is His trust in us! He knows our hearts and will send us as He will to whatever, wherever, and however He wills, knowing that we will serve Him no matter what.


Amazingly, I am not afraid or worried. He has us in his hands. This is ALL for His glory and for our best.


So, here we go!  We are praying for His direction.  I have two thoughts that I am praying for – either God wants Vileen to seek other employment that affirms her quality and ability in a greater way, or (here is the scary one) He wants her to work with Grace Rivers Ministry beside me.


Time will tell and we will know His will sooner than later because we cannot afford to have her working part time unless some other opportunity opens up for us.

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