Apologies and Good Friday

Apologies and Good Friday

Title Slide for Good FridayAs Good Friday continues, I am reminded of the reconciliation that is available to us through Jesus death and resurrection. When this reality hits our soul I believe it is transformative. Some of the more powerful things that I can think of as I ponder this reality is the way it brings about life giving grace that produces repentance of the soul. When this occurs people begin to say “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

I’ve known Alan Chambers for over two decades. We’ve been at conferences together and served on the Board of Exodus International for many years. We both believed in the message of change for homosexuals through Christ. In 2010 I began to work through my own apologies for how I believed I had been an instrument of wounding for gay people through shame bearing messages and proclaiming a false hope that gay people could change. I was inauthentic in my own life as I attempted to present and strive for change and represented false hope as I ministered to more people than I can count. Every week I hear more stories of hurt and pain as I remain open to validate the truth in the lives of many people as they search for their own healing.

There have been others who have apologized for the same false hope bearing message. Alan Chambers, the former president of Exodus International delivered his own apology a year ago in a very public way. Subsequently, Exodus closed their doors due to the reality that 99% of those seeking change through Exodus didn’t find what they hoped would occur.

This blog was written by Alan to acknowledge the year since his apology. It is worth the read for certain. Alan describes this journey and frankly, his story causes deep grief in my heart as I know what he has gone through in a very personal way.

Those of us who have made the transition from promoting an ExGay message, to seeing God’s grace for all, have gone through a lot of scrutiny. We have been loved for standing up for a message by a church who really wanted to eradicate homosexuality from their midst. We’ve also been hated by homosexuals who sought change but didn’t find it. Now we experience there rejection from some church folks who believe we’ve abandon the ranks of the religious to seek false grace, permissive living, or to deny Christ all together. The journey to grace and a willingness to accept it is life transforming like nothing else I have ever experienced. I’m sure, as Alan says for himself, I’ll never been the same again.

On this Good Friday, many  are pondering the death of Christ for all mankind. Some enter into the weekend to remember the foundation of the Christian faith. We live in the resurrection story as we hope for tomorrow to bring us closer to eternity.

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One Response to “Apologies and Good Friday”

  1. Garrard Conley says:

    I can’t imagine the confusion that must come with being loved/hated by so many people. Keep up the long, difficult journey for your truth, John!

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