Ex’d Out Is Available Now

Ex’d Out Is Available Now

Wow, it is now a reality

ExdOutCoverImage-emailMy first book is now released for public consumption! I am kind of numb actually. It has taken a long time to bring this life dream into a practical item in my hand’s grasp.

Ex’d Out, titled with the help of my friend, Kevin Diaz, will now begin its own life to live. Having done this for the first time, I am now seeing what I’ve heard for years about the life of a book and the references to being a child in life’s journey.

Several years ago I finally decided to fulfill a goal to write a book. I had many ideas running around in my mind and felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of sitting at a desk burning the midnight oil attempting to come up with eloquent and substantial reflections of life. I truly didn’t think I had the ability to accomplish such an arduous goal, but I tried anyway and began to write.

First is was centered on reflections of life values and their application to relationships. It was titled The Journey of Thomas. I thought surely it would be the one that I would complete. With helpful advice and further input, the book changed its name to become the Journey of Grace. As my own life transitioned, the second title seemed to be much more personal and significant in the display of my heart.

I found a helpful ghost writer that was attempting to pull together my thoughts in some form or fashion that looked like a book. We had meeting after meeting as he tried to coach me in my writing skills. After a season of work, we came up with even another more provocative title, Unraveling the Knot.

I became so completely frustrated with the lack of some form of final idea and form and separated from the ghost writer and the project completely sank into the depths. I was so discouraged because I had worked for several years on this project.

I should tell my story.

Then, within a couple of days, it became clear! The story of my transition from Love In Action to where I am today. Still sounding like a Journey of Grace, I just began to excerpt articles from the weekly blogs I had written and somehow find a way to put them into chronological order so that it might show the progression of thought and the changes that had occurred in my life.

And, coincidentally, a friend mentioned I might look into Amazon’s self publishing connection, CreateSpace. I was on a roll! Everything I had hoped for became clear. People came out of the woodwork to help me dream, and plan. Kevin Diaz, Kevyn Bashore and Joe Thweatt all said they would help me make this thing happen. Joe said he would look over my manuscript for technical things, Kevyn offered to rent a picture of his for the introduction, Kevin said he would help me with the order of the book and anything else he could that would be of value to the project.

YES! This time it must be the right thing.

Within just weeks, we all collaborated and had a final manuscript in place. It must be what is best for a book right now. I contacted CreateSpace and soon had donations come into Grace Rivers for the publishing package and I purchased formatting and cover design elements.

As I talked with Kevin Diaz about this, we came up with several title options and finally, Ex’d Out was the best and I was thrilled at the provocative nature of the title. As we worked further, he suggested a cover design, the bold black with white lettering was just the right thing.

As I pondered the book, there were a few final chapters that had to be written and it would be complete. After long hours of work from many people, I sent off the manuscript to CreateSpace. Then I waited.

One proof copy came and corrections were made and I sent it back. A second copy came and it was full of errors! I couldn’t imagine we all missed so many things. The book went through so many hands to look for things that needed to be changed. I called and found out that somehow the wrong document had been pulled up so the second proof copy was awash.

We matched up files, corrected some more things and finally, it was finished and sent back to CreateSpace. I waited again for a final copy with anticipation that it would be the one I could publish. This took longer than the other two because they had become busier so a couple of weeks went by and finally! Yes! It came. The final proof copy was in my mail box and it looked great!

Do I press the button that says “publish”?

So now what should I do? Oh, my. I was anxious about setting this ball in motion. This would mean lots of stuff would occur. I asked myself if I was committed to the project, and the process that would come afterward! I wondered if there were more errors in the book and if I’d put the right chapters in place. Lots of questions came for the next couple of days and finally…. I pushed the button and off it went.

I received a message from CreateSpace that I would be receiving 30 copies of the book in the mail in just a few days. I went out and bought some book packaging envelopes and compiled a list of those who should get the first copies.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The box came in the mail just as promised. As I hurriedly stuffed the packages so they could be mailed I received a phone call. It was from Natasha Chen, a Channel 3 local news reporter. As she said who she was I wondered, how did she know about this book? She said she was given the job of reporting on California’s ban of reparative therapy for minor children. She said she thought I’d be a good resource to help her with the story


I said, “Well, Natasha, interestingly, I have in my hand my book that talks all about the protest of Love In Action over their minor youth program and my process of evaluation of that program in the last four years.” She was thrilled and later that day I walked into the news station to talk with her.

As we entered the studio for filming I looked at the camera man and he looked at me and said, “John Smid?” He happened to be one of our house cleaning customers. I asked him if he already knew my story and he confirmed that he didn’t. So I said, “Well Terry, you’re about to hear the whole thing.”

The interview went very well. It hasn’t aired yet so I really don’t know what was captured from our 45 minute talk. I left her with my condolences for how she would possibly find the right things for a short two minute segment.

Gave My First Book Out

I met a man and spent some time hearing his story, his struggle. He talked about how challenging it had been for him throughout the years. His partner of over 20 years died from cancer and he was alone. I shared my story with him of the last several years.

I said, “Wait, I have something in my car.” I gave him one of my books and told him that my story was in the book. The next day I received a message from him that he had stayed up all night reading the book.

“John, I just got past page 37 and this chapter on grace made me cry to God. In there are some of my own prayers I have been talking with God about. So far I’ve cried out to God in prayer, and in praise three times. I am so thankful for this book and your story. I know God is speaking to me.

A New Birth

This blog is about the life of Ex’d Out. When the book came out I realized that a story was beginning. A new segment of life is being written.


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