Reaction to Cursing Words

Reaction to Cursing Words

TwainA FB friend of mine had a post and thread that revealed something that I think is important to think about.

This man openly admits he has same-sex attractions and is married to a woman. He shares openly about how much he and his wife enjoy their marriage. There are times when people say things about his marriage that are unkind and cursing of his commitment to his wife and family.

There are some mixed orientation marriages that survive and some that thrive, however, the percentage of mixed orientation marriages that end in divorce is staggering. The wounding and subsequent pain is very difficult for all involved when this happens.


He received this message recently and says he gets messages like this periodically, and some even worse in threatened intent to harm. Its sad when people feel the need to curse others who speak of their lives with joy and purpose. But I think there are times that underneath the cursing words, is a deeply wounded heart. Maybe this is true all of the time.

What’s disturbing is the thread of comments that followed his post. Here are some examples:

It’s Jesus in you that he hates. That and it’s his way of discrediting you so that he will feel justified in believing the lie.

As I read this, I hear the slithering voice of the accuser…. The same voice that told Eve that she deserved to have the knowledge of good and evil…. The same voice the came from the man of Germany who said to Germans that the Jews were responsible for every thing they didn’t have… The accuser of men. But Jesus says 1-Fear not! He has overcome the world. 2- No weapon formed against you will prosper. 3-you overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the word of your testimony! 4- What you testify sets forth Gods promises!

Being set free from homosexuality threatens the LGBT agenda. Stand firm. With God you can overcome!

Obviously a very angry, devious, jealous type of person buddy. Oh, and I left out stupid and ignorant To heck with him… You just do you and hold your head up high!

People that are haters and stuck in their own sin say that about every sin,” oh you will not change…” They say that bc they have no hope and live by their impulses and desires not by the spirit says God’s love guiding them. He is a person without God. Simple. I will pray for him. If he is harassing you, you can report him.

Small-minded people who are hurting have felt the need to employ this “school playground bully” tactic. In order that he may validate himself, attempting to discredit you is all that the graceless and depraved mind may do. “Blessed are you when men say all kinds of evil against you…” Extremely small minds with vast emotional hurts and deficits, criticized our Lord – - you’ll experience no less my friend. “Count it all assurance that Christ is doing Kingdom work in and through you.” I love you brother, as do your wife and the kids, and all your family here.

He is a very small-minded coward. Otherwise he wouldn’t hide behind making posts like this and stalking you to do it.

He gives more power to eros than agape love.

As I sit here reading these comments I can’t help but wonder, “What would this person think, or feel, as they read them?”

The person who sent the original message may in fact be angry. Their words seem to say they are. But, if we were to impact others with love, forgiveness, kindness, peace, would we say these things? I see such deep critical words towards the person who wrote them. There is an obvious lack of listening more deeply, and caring for this person is representative in the comments.

One person commented:

Be encouraged brother…If they’re posting, they’re still watching. Keep praying for them.

I think there was some recognition here that someone is listening. What do we say when we think others aren’t listening? It’s as though the commenter isn’t present so thoughtless reactions come through. But I think this reveals something even greater. I think this reveals just exactly why some people are wounded and angry with Christians.

When I was less aware and honest about my own critical heart and shallow minded faith I said many of these same things. I didn’t care enough to filter my own heart so as to refrain from speaking thoughtlessly. I even got more defensive through the years because I had my own “haters” who wrote to me words that cursed my life and my faith. I just minimized them and judged them to be of the Devil, or that their sin blinded their own hearts.

Frankly, it was my sin that blinded my heart from seeing the broken hearted and their pain. I shooed them away with my shortsighted words and excused my arrogance by saying I was obedient to God and had God’s favor. I judged them to be far from God therefore hate filled their lives.

Let’s try to be kind, just because.

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