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windshieldThrough the Windshield

of My Life

This is a series of reflections on my own life that I hope will encourage you to think about yours. Many of us have things in our lives or activities that are energizing for us. Sports, hobbies, maybe places or memories that are really special to us that came from our connections to those around us as we grew up. Mine hangs on wonderful cars from my childhood that were connected to significant memories.

A Tribute to My Dad – 1953 Olds

Stanwood ScenesA story of my dad’s life and the way he responded to my promiscuous lifestyle with grace.

An Unspoken Hero in a 1959 Buick LeSabre

1959BuickwhitefrontThe story of an unsung hero in my life. A call to recognize and affirm those who have positively impacted our lives.

Remembering God’s Love Through a 1959 Cadillac

1959 CadillacGod is with us when we don’t see Him. From my birth God has been faithful to me. This is part of my God story that I want to share with you.

A Dream Come True and A Nightmare That I Wanted to Go Away

1963 F-85 Conv blueLife brings with it joy and pain.  In the end God weaves it all together and with Him, it can be all good.

Subdue The Earth

1965Chrysler4doorGod called Adam to fill the earth and subdue it.  What does that mean for us today?  You may find some wonderful encouragement as you read further.

A Surprise Reconciliation Through a Ketchup Packet

1970Ford After many years of a painful relationship, God used a simple Ketchup Packet to heal my heart.

Oh, my gosh! Its in my garage! Darn, it was just a dream.


Cars began to symbolize memories of great elation, as well as memories of the painful history that was manifesting itself in my life. My teen years revealed the dysfunction I had lived in most of my life.

mailbag_3Our Grace Rivers Mailbag

“John, can my gay friend be a Christian?

After receiving a letter from a man who asked this question, John Smid answers it with candid and thought provoking insight.

“John, what is your take on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11?”

John Smid writes a message of clarity and understanding from this passage that speaks to homosexuality

“John, you have deviated from the truth”

A response to a letter from a pastor concerning my article “Can my gay friend be a Christian?”

“John, I heard you were in a movie production. Tell me what it is about.”

John’s inside view of his experience with an African American movie production called “Soul-full”.  He talks about some amazing God things that occurred and how his life was dramatically changed.

“John, this is World AIDS Day.

In light of your ministry, can you share anything with me about what you would say today to those hearing about World AIDS Day?

Devotionals Relating to the

Website Home Page Pictures

Clouds and forest in the valeyGrace, Grace; God’s Grace

Crop-ShadowmanbyriverLove Your Enemy

bright_blueRiverLife is an Adventure!

man_hands_raised_praisingMiracle of Miracles!

crop-yellow_jacket_hands_raisedFree From Prison, Yet Still Afraid

Flowing StreamComforted to Comfort Others

two_kids_runningacrossriverTransitions in Life – Guide Me Lord

boy_laying_by_riverBe At Rest My Soul

girl_stepping_stones_riverSteps of Life

man_with_Yellow_hat_waterfallsFocus on His Power in the Turmoil of Life

dad_daughter_by_riverGod, I Feel Lonely today

man in red jacketWe Can’t Live in the Past

iStock_000006191537Small[1]Does Anyone Care?

winter_riverFeeling Stuck?

quiet_forrest_streamGod, I Need You Today

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