John Smid’s Writing on Homosexuality

A New Life!

The gospel changed John’s  life!  It came to him through people who loved him and didn’t take on the job of correction.

A Tribute To My Dad_2010

John’s dad’s response to his homosexuality built a bridge instead of a dam.

What Would They Say?

I want to pose some questions for you to consider regarding the lives of homosexuals around you. These questions are designed to help you place yourself in the shoes of many experiences that men and women in the gay community might have with a church today.

Where is the repentance?

A question from a reader asks if Christians who are gay can just stay that way without repentance of their homosexuality. They also asked if my personal experience is that I am homosexual acting as a heterosexual, or if I am heterosexual who acted in homosexuality years ago.

God’s Faith – In Us

Instead of encouraging Jim with God’s love for him, and Christ’s faith in him, his preacher reminded him regularly of how lost he is without his own effort to somehow clean himself up. Is this what God’s message really is for people who are gay?

Fruit from the Vine- 2011!

At the end of 2011, a look back at some of the wonderful things that people who are gay received from the year’s ministry.

Who Is Invited to the Table?

Are gay people welcome at the Communion Table? Some Christians think they can edit the guest list to the Lord’s Supper.  Who is the Host?

Two Men – Changed Hearts

A biblical view of repentance and the impact on two men.

My Own Changed Heart

Through John’s own life experiences, God began to dig into his heart. His approach to his faith and to people changed dramatically.

A Letter of Apology

After leaving his position position as the director for an “ex-gay” ministry, John Smid realized there were things he had done that deserved an apology to some who may have been wounded.

My Heart for the Gay Community

Some have asked me what motivates me to minister with the Gay community. Read further to find out.

Can My Gay Friend Be A Christian?

Digging into a challenging question, John has written an encouraging response that will challenge and comfort.

“John, what is your take on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11?”

After much study and reflection, John has written an honest answer that brings this often misquoted passage into context.

“John, you have deviated from the truth”

John received a letter from a local pastor challenging his take on homosexuality and Christianity.

In response to your recent letter (Deviated from the truth)

I still don’t understand what you are saying.  What about my recent adultery?

A question from a friend about homosexuality as being compared to adultery and our faith.

“John, this is World AIDS Day.”

In 1986, John was faced with a man dying of AIDS.  His reflection of those days laid a foundation for his vocational passion.

“The Gay, Ex-Gay Divide”

After almost 25 years in ex-gay ministry and now a ministry with the gay community, John has now seen a division that is distracting from the gospel.

Response to “Gay-Ex-gay Divide”

A man across the ocean wrote his response to John’s article on the Gay, Ex-gay Divide.

“Our church was in the paper this week concerning a lesbian coach that was banned from the community softball league. What do you have to say to us?”

A local church was faced with a dilemma. John wrote a personal response.

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