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The signature of John Smid’s vocational ministry is his honest, vulnerable, straight forward and open style. He won’t just “teach” ethereal information. No matter what John is speaking about, his life application and story are always included in what he has to share.

ebookJohn has just finished publishing his new book, Ex’d Out, How I Fired the Shame Committee

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If you click the link below you will find teaching examples, a selection of photos, and John’s full bio in an “Electronic Press Kit”.

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View John J Smid’s EPK


Throughout his speaking career, John Smid  has addressed some very complex and highly controversial issues with finesse and open candor. From his own vulnerability he helps everyone to know they are surely not alone in life’s challenges. John’s deep seated faith brings courage to stay the course and find the solutions that will bring personal victory.

Because he handles his life as an open book, you will easily to relate to his story and your heart will open up to receive the wisdom he has to impart. His speaking influence stems from many years of experience dealing with individuals and families seeking significant changes in their life.

Having facilitated or taught countless groups throughout the tenure of his full time Christian ministry, the insights he has to share stem from hundreds of real lives, real stories, and real victories. John has spoken in numerous venues and churches from many diverse backgrounds. He also has shared his story in nearly all of the fifty states and three continents. His message of openness and honesty is universal to the inner desire of most people to be known, heard, and understood.

He has been featured on numerous nationwide broadcasts such as Larry King Live, CNN, Good Morning America and ABC’s 20/20. His life story has been told in periodicals around the country such as San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Washington Post, San Diego Union Tribune and the Wall Street Journal.

John’s reputation has been primarily associated with having served with and led the charge of Love In Action International for 22 years. He served on the board of directors for Exodus International for 11 years. He is certainly familiar with the inner workings of what has long been known as “Ex-gay” ministry. Being gay himself, John’s connection to these organizations stemmed from his own personal life experience.

In June of 2005 he encountered a life changing event that opened his eyes to a new vision. It became clear to John that God was laying upon his heart something different for his life.

His goal today, serving as the Executive Director for Grace Rivers Ministry, is to help others learn how to receive God’s love fully and to love others with respect and honor regardless of differing colors, opinions, faiths, or life experience. It is his belief that God has called us to learn how to build authentic relationships with the hope that we will love others with the same love God has given us.

Grace Rivers is a ministry with the gay community that reveals the message of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and genuine community with His followers – because every person deserves to know that Jesus loves them.

Relationships are very important to John and therefore he is involved in several small groups and intimate gatherings of others of like faith. John has said he is a member of the best church in the world, the Body of Christ built up of many extended families.

He is very proud of his two daughters and four grandchildren. John enjoys life on a small acreage in the country just outside of Paris Texas.

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