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Evangelicals, is Buttigieg more immoral than Trump?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

IMG_1367I saw this on a FaceBook post:

Question for Evangelicals: How important is it to keep Trump in office? I’m doing research for a blog post.

I decided to write a response.

You’ve asked a good question! I’ve pondered it for a couple of days.

I’ve thought about everything I’ve learned, been taught, and believed through throughout my Christian life experience. Every church, pastor, leader, and congregant I’ve been connected with has always conveyed loudly the importance of living a moral life. I’ve been taught that it is vital for our culture, and our country, to invest in leaders who exemplify the virtue of honesty and moral living. I’ve been taught that a leader must be someone that lives his or her life as an example to be followed, to be seasoned and not to be immature.

I’ve been taught that immoral living has the potential of destroying the fabric of our lives and culture. I’ve heard many a sermon strongly admonishing us all to avoid course jesting and disrespect for others.

Our voting public has elected a man who is as far away from those examples as one can be! He has been virtually the opposite of all of the virtues that Christian culture has taught me as right. In no way does he exemplify a role model we can follow. If I had small children I’d have to do damage control to make sure they did not in any way believe he was a good model to follow. I’d have to make sure they knew that almost every public speech he’s given is full of slander, cheeky and immature talk.

I’ve also known that most often unwanted pregnancies come from a lack of responsible actions with our sexuality. Some believe that the significance of Trump’s role is his stand on the sanctity of human life and yet his example as the highest office in our land reveals anything but that. Some would say that his role in office for them was to establish Supreme Court justices that stand for pro-birth decisions and yet the example of Trump’s life completely contradicts the morality we’d say could minimize unwanted pregnancies. Some have said Trump’s stance “for the family” is important and yet he is a role model of anything but the true model of family commitment and relationships.

Some here have said that Trump is a new believer. But doesn’t the Bible teach us not to place an immature believer in leadership? And, I’d like to know how, if at all, he is exemplifying the fruit of a humble and changed life? We’re taught that you’d know them by the fruit of the spirit.

When allegations about President Bill Clinton’s infidelity emerged in 1998, the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest evangelical denomination, passed a resolution declaring that “moral character matters” for public officials. Back then, the SBC urged Americans to vote for candidates who “demonstrate consistent honesty, moral purity and the highest character.” Somehow, we’ve lost that message completely.

Two decades later, the fact that most white evangelical Christians are willing to overlook President Donald Trump’s infidelity, his dishonesty, his disparaging rhetoric toward immigrants and refugees, and the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against him suggests that the Evangelical view on morality has changed dramatically. Many white Evangelicals have put politics first before their religious belief and practice, compromising their convictions.

Now that a gay man is running for president, all of a sudden his sexuality is an issue for many Evangelicals, negating his potential to win the election, regardless of the other factors of his integrity and ability to remain respectful in the midst of debate. For some reason many Evangelicals seem to turn their eyes away from Trump’s immoral life but hang on to their disdain for LBGTQ people. This cannot be a used as a scapegoating of gay people.

I’d say that those who desire a moral culture, pro-birth decisions, and conservative values, best place their energies elsewhere. I’d say that Republicans and Democrats might place their entire efforts in denouncing the inept role model of Trump (rather I hear mostly excuses and minimizing the reality of the situation) and begin nurturing up a more positive person to lead our country!

There are those who’s burden hangs on undocumented people. I get that. I believe we have a horrific problem with immigration practices and principles. Just today, it was revealed to me that a very wealthy white Evangelical I know has a significant foreman in their successful business that has worked for them for many years, who is an undocumented worker! Until we find common ground on these issues, they will remain. This acquaintance of mine (and so many others, including Trump) is unwilling to sacrifice their multi-million dollar business to losing their illegal, and yet, they’ll rail on border issues and reelect Trump on the basis he’ll lock them all up!

I’d say that in our current political climate, all politicians become subjected to a bankrupt system that is running this country into the ground. Many would have believed and hoped Trump to be the answer, but he has not. He just doesn’t have the depth of character to have embodied the solution. I too hope for a day when American politics is cleaned up! It’s time. We are headed for dire problems if this isn’t dealt with.

One positive thing in all of this; Trump’s horrific behavior and ethics has allowed some light to be shed on the truth of many political issues. May we all pay attention, no matter where you fall on this continuum.