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Do They Really Believe What They Preach?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

what-is-loveIf they really believed what they preach?

They’d be rushing to all of the gay people they know; wrapping their arms around them and having a hard time letting go.

They’d be screaming at the top of their lungs – I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

They’d be posting all over their church website or sign – “Every homosexual within reading distance, come to our church!”

They’d be sending messages to every gay person on their FaceBook Friends list – “I love you, I’d really like to connect with you soon?”

They’d never, ever say, “All gays are going to hell!” Because their understanding of hell is far too eternally consequential!

They’d never shun or disfellowship a gay person without extensive contact and conversation.

They’d make sure that they’ve explored everything they can on the subject of homosexuality because their beliefs teach them it’s far to serious not to.

But instead of following their beliefs, they:

Run away from people they say they love.

They avoid any conversation about homosexuality with those they know who are gay.

They ignore the pain gay people experience from feelings of abandonment and estrangement.

They pay little attention to the far too numerous suicides caused by the shame and fear some gay people feel and say it’s a consequence of their sin.

They shun gay people with no explanation or conversation.

They preach condemnation every chance they get.

They appear to have no interest in restoration or redemption.

They read all sorts of articles that condemn gay people and repost them on their FaceBook pages and refuse to read anything that might challenge their belief.

Some Christians believe in an eternal fiery hell for those who don’t know what to do with God, Jesus, and theology, calling it rebellion.

Some Christians believe gays who are in their minds unrepentant are going to that hell.

Some Christians believe they have the right and the responsibility to shun gay people because they believe they are unrepentant and that the Bible tells them to do that.

Some Christians secretly believe being gay is okay, but they are fearful of saying so.

Some Christians are learning how to love gay people without conditions and have learned to trust God with the matter.

Some Christians now believe being gay is not a choice and through God’s grace and love, it’s okay for gay people to satisfy their cravings for love and affection in a committed marriage relationship.

Some Christians just love.

You will know them by their love.