1000’s Coming to Christ

1000’s Coming to Christ

This last week I received a prayer request from a friend of mine that is ministering in Bangladesh.  When I receive their requests it always causes me to leave the comfort of the United States and wonder what it must be like to be in a world frought with struggles, personal challenges, and yet so full of God’s Spirit. This particular prayer and the following praise was very inspiring to me personally.


Can you imagine being in a place where you could actually say hundred’s are coming to Christ?  Even 1000’s?  I can’t.  If that were to happen in my world it would be shocking and would likely bring out the news stations with their cameras.  Could you imagine the nightly news headlines?  Here in the United States we just don’t see God moving like that.


This last weekend I heard a friend share the testimony of his sister coming to Christ and experiencing a dramatic life change.  He said his mother then came to Christ and how wonderful it was to see the changes in her life.  WOW!  How awesome! Two people came to Christ and He is moving powerfully in their lives and tears came to my eyes thinking of God’s love for them.


But – 100’s, 1000’s? Imagine that just for a moment.


Here are his prayer request and the praise report.  Read it for yourself.  Maybe you could pray for them today.


From: Roy McIntyre

Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 8:41 AM

Subject: February 8, 2009

Hello Prayer Partners,

We have a special prayer request for you today….


The volunteer team from South Carolina plan to meet tomorrow with a key Chakma community leader named, Genghis Khan (really, that’s his name). About this time last year Genghis Khan and other important Chakma leaders met with Roy and discussed what it would mean for Chakmas to come to Christ while another volunteer team from South Carolina were praying nearby. Since that meeting last year, several of those Chakma leaders have accepted Christ and received baptism, and are reaching out to other Chakmas! However, Genghis Khan has not yet made a profession of faith. The volunteers who are here now (three of whom were here last year, too) plan to meet with Genghis and again share the Good News with him. The meeting will most likely take place Monday afternoon, which will be the wee hours of Monday morning in the US. So, before you go to sleep Sunday night, we ask you to pray that God will open the heart of Genghis Khan to the Gospel and to take away any possible barriers to him receiving Christ as his Savior. Pray also the Holy Spirit will fill the volunteers with the words that Genghis needs to hear. Pray the word will go forth so all Chakmas will hear the News.


Thank you for praying!


Thank you for praying! God works in ways we can’t imagine…

While Genghis Khan did not come to the meeting, other Chakma leaders did who were just baptized in 2008. The South Carolina team was able to tell these new believers that many people in SC have been praying for them since the volunteers were here last year. Their prayers (and yours) have been answered. Chakma leaders said that they have been sharing their faith to their family and neighbors. As a result, several hundred Chakmas have received Christ, some estimates are even in the thousands. Praise God.


We may never know how many have come to faith in these hill communities inaccessible by roads. The main thing is that Chakmas are sharing with Chakmas, and God is being glorified.

Praising Him,

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